Letter To A Homeless Guy: I Hate Liars

You sir make me angry. Because you are not really “homeless.”  Nor do I think you’re a veteran.  For nearly a year now I have passed by you every day on my way to and from my kids’ school at the noon hour and watched you with your signs asking for beer or food.  And I’ve noticed how you hang out during lunch rush at the corner just long enough and then disappear into a parking lot for the rest of the day.

Your neatly trimmed beard has always been exactly the same.  It’s like your hair doesn’t grow.  And your fingernails never get dirty.  Your jeans always look cleaner and newer than even my own.  Those ball caps and shoes you change out as well.  I seriously doubt you’ve ever served a day in the military.  Nor have those BDUs you were sporting today.  Or that booney hat you’ve pinned up on the side.  Doubt those clothes have even seen a hunt.  You missed the creases on the back side of your pants.  Which tells me you mail ordered them to boot.

Ah, but today!  Today was the kicker.  I passed you wearing those silly BDUs, on my way to the school.  And on the way back, as I passed your corner, I spied you walking back from that parking lot you so often disappear into – with a whole different change of clothes on.

There are people in this world who really are veterans and really are homeless.  If you were one, you wouldn’t need to change clothes and looks to keep up your con.

I hate liars.  You piss me off.



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3 responses to “Letter To A Homeless Guy: I Hate Liars

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