Up And Coming Projects…

NaBloPoMo is getting close to an end!   And so far I’ve managed to stay on track!  It’s been a good exercise for me to pursue different writing ideas and a kick in the rear to get it done!  As I look ahead to what’s left of the year, Christmas is not far away now and I have a trip, custom orders, more shows and school fundraiser stuff to keep up with.  Whew!  Not to mention a project my brother and I might collaborate on.  We’re still hashing out the details to see if we think it’s viable or not.  Oh! And thanks to Facebook, three childhood girlfriends and I are planning a slumber party during winter break!  I’m so excited!  It’ll be our first Christmas occasion together!  😀  I have to thank Facebook for making it possible to bring people I love back into my life.

Today is run around crazy and do all the laundry day so there’s plenty of clothes for everyone.  And I need to clean out the car and get some of my show stuff from last week put into storage.  Plus I couldn’t sleep much last night, so I worked on these two hat beauties for a custom order.  Though similar, each hat is made with different yarns, different hooks and different stitches to achieve the same essential look.  Except for the squiggles.  They are identical.  This will give my customer a choice as far as color saturation.  My daughter was kind enough to model them for me.  Even letting her true nature out during one shot!  I’m playing around with lighting, with flash and without flash, trying to get the purples to really come out.  So there are a few photos here, but only two hats.  Can you tell the difference?  We call these Squiggle Hats, named by my daughter when she was little.  They are an Aberrant Crochet exclusive design.

All my cameos sold at the last couple shows.  I hunted for more like them, but couldn’t find the exact colors in those sizes.  And my original supplier is no longer supplying.  I did however find similar and a mauve design I like pretty well.  (OK, I’m picky.)  I also found two new lacy frames I really like that are reproductions of antique frames.  I can’t wait to work some crochet lace into them!   Still waiting on the right sized cameos for the smaller frame though.  Plus, I came across an estate collection of Gothic skull cameo pieces from an old jewelry store that I scarfed up too.  They will be quite fun to work with and I know my daughter’s friends will be interested at the school bazaar coming up.  Since the bazaar too often has little of interest to teens, and more of interest to the younger kids, I’m happy to oblige hunting down some steam punk/goth rock/pirate stuff for them. Never was into teddy bears, me.

I feel like I’m forgetting something though.  And that’s one of those big fears I always have.  I hate forgetting things.  So I’m wracking my brain today, making my “Remember The Milk” lists and trying to meditate on details in a logical order to see what might be missing.  If you haven’t heard of it, Remember The Milk is a handy app that allows you to create multiple lists.  There is a free version, which you can just use on your computer and a pro version that allows you to sinc it with your smart phone multiple times a day.  I have not fully explored the whole platform, but so far I’m finding it very handy.  I keep a perpetual grocery list this way too.  As soon as I remember something, I type it into my list.  When it’s time to go to the store, I sinc everything to my phone and voila! I have my list everywhere I go!  Which is good, because I lose paper lists.  Chronically.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll remember that thing that’s bugging me.  In the mean time, check out the pics!



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2 responses to “Up And Coming Projects…

  1. You’ve inspired me to do a much better job at posting regularly! Thanks for the updates and very gorgeous hat!

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