An Aberrant “Obey Crochet” Holiday Give Away!

Oh look!  I was a poet and didn’t know it!

Well, welcome back my crochet friends!  Happy Holidays!

I know, I know….  I was writing so consistently and then dropped off.  It’s the season for working though, you know.  This is the time of year when warm things are in demand!  I’ll let you know when I master typing with my ears while I crochet.  Send me any tips if you have them!  LOL!  Oh and then of course one by one the family units got sick.  And fight as I did, I finally caught it too.  I know you know how it is!

But, now I’m getting back on my feet just in time for the holidays.  It’s also dear hubby’s and my anniversary today!  (16 years!  Do you know how much I love him?)

It’s me and Obey Crochet!  Cooking up some fun for you!

So I’m ready to celebrate, drink some wine, enjoy some chocolate, have some fun and spring a holiday celebration giveaway surprise that Stephanie a.k.a. Obey Crochet and I cooked up!  We’re doing a blog giveaway! YAY!

Yes!  ‘Tis true!  And trust me, you’ll covet this one!  If you haven’t met Obey Crochet just yet, please do so by visiting my interview with her here!

“Yay! What awesomeness will we win?” you ask?  Well I’ll tell you!

It’s our pleasure to bring this crochet unique giveaway to you, my fellow crochet lover!  One lucky winner will receive a FREE, signed… (did you see that? … a signed!) …  Obey Crochet print.  Of your choice!  Of ANY one Obey Crochet Drawing that you love!  Shipped to you!

Can you believe it?! 

OMG I’m jealous, because I’m disqualified from this giveaway.  They will also get random Obey Crochet buttons and rub on tats.  How cool is that!  Don’t you just love it!  😀

“How!  How can we win?” you ask?

Alright, so down to the business stuff… please read carefully!
First of all, this giveaway is uniquely open to USA as well as International crochet fans!  Yes!  We are not excluding our friends from overseas!

There is only ONE mandatory way to enter…
First, you must subscribe to both Aberrant Crochet and Obey Crochet blogs.  Next, go to Obey Crochet’s website, look at her vast collection of drawings and decide which one is your favorite.  Then, come back here and leave a comment on this giveaway blog post stating that you are following both blogs (we’ll check), along with a note about which Obey Crochet signed drawing you are most excited to win!  (One of my personal favorites is “Potentially Pirate,” along with Obey Crochet’s original “Co-Dependent.”  Oh and then of course there’s “Only Child,” “My Shadow Puppets Are Better,” and “All I Need Is One Hook.” And then there’s…..  I know – how can you possibly choose just one?! But in the end, if you win, you will have to!)
Last but not least, share the link to this giveaway with your crochet savvy friends!
Limit ONE entry per person.
OH and HEY! Post your Twitter ID and blog address in your comment and I’ll follow you back!  How’s that for a deal?

1. You have just over ONE WEEK to enter…
2. Giveaway will close Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 9am CST.  (Yes, we gave you fudge room even after the New Year’s celebration!)
3. A winner will be chosen via later in the day on January 1, 2012.
4. I will announce the winner on my blog shortly after (so come back to check!)
5. Please be sure to have your email address linked to your comment or there is no way for me to contact you!
And that’s it!

Oh, and disclaimer: I have not received any monetary compensation for putting on this giveaway.  This is purely for fun!  I mean, just in case you’re wondering.  They say it’s always good to be clear about these things.  So, there you have it… clear?  We love you!  Enjoy!



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18 responses to “An Aberrant “Obey Crochet” Holiday Give Away!

  1. Awww, geeez… OK, I’ll try to list ONE…but it’s really a tossup between “Fondle you..” and “can’t we all get along…”. Although my absolute FAVE by Ms. Hooky-pants is the yarn-pooping sheep, even though I know it’s not listed!! I will keep trying until someday I owe a print of that!! :).
    Oh, and I just subscribed to both of you using my new email, craftwich68.(for my craftwich Creations) Thx Julia and Stephanie!!

    Edited with links!

  2. Virginia Ray

    Thanks for the opportunity! I subscribed to both blogs. I love so many of the drawings, but my favorite at the moment is “You guys are so co-dependent,”

    Updated with link!

  3. Do I have to pick just ONE??? These are soo funny and cute! OK since you are making me pick….Hmmmm I’m torn between the hipster knitters and the pirate hooker. OK I just ate chinese so chopsticks vs. pirates win. Go Hookers!

    Updated with links!

  4. I’m following both blogs. I’ve been following this one awhile via WordPress and I just followed Obey Crochet via Yahoo reader. It’s hard to choose just ONE drawing, but I’d have to say “No Pizza Cutter Needed” is my favorite because it contains both my favorite things: crochet and pizza!

    Link added!

  5. I am following both blogs and it would be le crochet drawing.

    Updated with link!

  6. following both.. i love the this yarn aint big enough for the two of us drawing 🙂

    Link Added!

  7. Sara

    Following both now! Yay! I can’t decide between three…*sigh*

    Who wants to make out with a hooker?
    Fondle You
    Hookopotamus because I love hippos.

    I am following with my email sara_heidenheimer

    Thanks and keep rockin’ the crochet!

    Added links!

  8. Jan

    I love #57. One small step. ‘Space (in the crochet) the Final Frontier’. Crochet and the string theory go thread in hook.


    Link added!

  9. Following both! Fantastic giveaway, and do I really have to pick just one?

    “Tell me about knitting” is hilarious

    Thanks ! Steph
    sdoucette at ymail dot com

    Link added!

  10. I’m following & loving the Potentially Pirate drawing! Thanks

    Link added!

  11. So many choices!

    But I gotta go with Cama EWE! I’m a proud & vocal member of the CLF – spreading my hookery wherever I go.

    Happily subscribed to both blogs. (:

    Link added!

  12. Now following both of you with christene.g.bennett @ gmail. ^_^

    My favorite print would have to be “le crochet.”

    Link added!

  13. I’m a noob crocheter, and have been following both of you for a few weeks via been my feedreeder; NetNewswire. Im now subcsribed the other way also.

    I love Obey Crochet’s sketches, so it’s hard to narrow down to just one. I do think my favorites are…
    The first one take me back to Spike Lee’s, Do the Right Thing. I love that movie! Radio Raheem’s wore Love/Hate rings. 🙂

    My Twitter name is @CrunchyOpal