Living On The Edge…

Home Front News?

We are ever closer to closing on the sale of our home, and we have found another house to put an offer on.  It’s exciting, and scary and ever more I begin to understand why selling/buying/moving is supposedly ranked up there in stress level to divorce and death of a loved one.  Though I still say the latter two trump since they tend to be rather permanent in nature.  I spent 7 hours on the phone Friday alone, just working on details and filling out virtual paperwork, asking questions, etc..  I wish I loved all this paperwork, legalities, accounting, making all the arrangements, etc., but I do not.  Still, I am the one most able to carry out all that needs be done for our family to make this move.

Additionally in news this week, our daughter was inducted into the Nation Honor Society at school.  Yay, applause for her, we’re so proud of her hard work to get here! 🙂

In spite of the crazy schedule, my blog has managed to stay fairly current lately due to the fact that I have spent a lot of time writing – ahead of time – working on posts and ideas to schedule for publishing later.  It’s the secret any good blogger knows – always be working on several things, so you always have something you can finish up and publish.  Though in my case, I don’t tend to plan too far out, unless working on one of my research pieces.  I’m not much for stale conversation and prefer to get most things I’m thinking about now, out sooner than later while it still seems relevant to me.  Only makes sense?

Anyway, the truth is even while some posts went to print this week, I haven’t had time to sit and write much at all.  And it really shows through my Crochet Hook Challenge.  After all, the last post has been a bit too long ago.  My Challenge is living up to its name!

But stay tuned, Mrs. Maplesworth is ready and coming up next!


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  1. Victoria C

    Tell me about the stressful: we moved twice within a year. I also lost both my parents, my mother before our second move and my father just under a year from my mother (with 9 days of the anniversary). All this stress was the reason for not moving a third time within 2 years!

    Best of luck with your move.

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