Halloween Spider Invasion!


Yep, the web is that big.

Yep, the web is that big. And he’s 5’10”

The first layer of the mission is complete.  The giant web has been put up.  The first spider has been hung with care.  The infestation has begun!  And I’ve been waiting for this moment all year.

We have a tradition in October. And I kind of consider it part of my birthday fun.  Near the beginning of the month, I put up a lone spider web in the front yard. After a couple days, I put a spider out near the web somewhere. Then every couple more days, we add another and another, until it’s a veritable invasion!

But it’s been a while.  For too long I’ve had to wait to pull out my spider webs.  But no more sitting Halloween out now!

What’s this all about?

Well, at our old house, we once had two mimosa trees out front.  I used to string up my spider webs between the trees and the house, sometimes across the porch and of course there were spiders on every branch and column.

However, mimosas are not long lived trees, especially here as they are not native to the U.S..  Ours were already old when we moved there and showing signs of struggle.  Eventually they died and we had to take them out.

With the trees gone, I tried hanging the giant web across the side of the house or something else at Halloween, but it just wasn’t the same.

I mean, spiders don’t do that.  They don’t make a giant web on the face of anything.  They make webs in corners and across open spaces.  And I’m a stickler for at least a slice of reality when it comes to Mother Nature’s fiber artists.

What I really wanted was a large space my webs could totally rock.  100_2662But without the trees, our yard was a wide open space.  I had one spot between the tiny porch and a wall that I could awkwardly hang one.  And I managed to anchor some spiders on some windows and the porch columns.  And I used my web on the side of my booth tent when I did shows.  Which was a nice visual.

But last year, with our house under contract and our family busy packing, the spiders and their webs didn’t even see the light of day.

But it didn’t mean they were forgotten.  Far from it.

The amazing cluster of live oaks out front. Well, about half of it anyway. It's that big.

The amazing cluster of live oaks out front. Well, about half of it anyway. It’s that big.

The house we bought wasn’t even for sale until the first weekend in October last year.  We jumped at a viewing the 2nd day it was on the market.  And while we hadn’t even put in an offer yet, I knew from the moment I walked up the path that I couldn’t wait to hang my spider webs in those marvelous trees!

And while it’s not like my spider web display was a reason for buying this house, it’s definitely a bonus I have been looking forward to so very much.  There are so many trees on our lot, not to mention the back 2nd floor deck.  I look forward to adding more webs and spiders and glorious fibery decor over the years.  Well… as much as hubby will let me get away with.  😉  It’s his home too.  But in October, yeah…  it’s all mine and the spiders.


Side view of the giant spider and web

I didn’t have much room at the old house to put up my clan of spiders and webs.  But here, there are lots of trees and room for creativity at the new place.  And FINALLY, we have a place large enough to host our first Halloween party.  And I’m so excited.

So wait and see!

I have some fun ideas in store, that includes my spider horde, Amy Pond and our Tardis blue front door.  And I will be sharing photos!  I’m a bit limited in mobility thanks to the foot, so my ladder climbing will have to be delegated or forgone.  But I am determined to have some amazing Halloween cosplay crafty fun!

Need some ideas for Halloween yourself?

Well then I invite you to check out my collection of Halloween Obsessions on Pinterest.  I also have boards for Steampunk and Sci-Fi Obsessions too.  Maybe you’ll find some inspiration in my picks.  And maybe you’ll share some with me back.  😉

So uh… What’s The Deal With Spiders…?

Well, I suppose you could use some back-story. I mean after all, how did I become the spider web lady?  It’s not exactly a past-time most women would pick.  And why on earth would I want to crochet species specific spider webs?

Well, it’s not exactly a simple back-story.  So hang on for Part 3 and I’ll let you in on a little secret….



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  1. I love the idea, can’t wait to see the finished web

  2. Reblogged this on jofarmer and commented:
    I love the spiders, might make my own web, possibly a fly or 2!

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