After-Halloween Creative Costuming!

Caitlin Space Cadet

Caitlin Space Cadet

I just had to share with you a couple photos from our “After-Halloween Costume Party” tonight! I never cease to be amazed at the incredibly talented, interesting and creative people I get to call friends. 🙂  And you know what? I’m so glad that they are not afraid to just be and share their beautiful selves. 🙂

The first photo is of dear Caitlin in her “space cadet” costume. Isn’t she beautiful? I did use a b/w filter on the photo, but her outfit was amazing! That tunic belonged to one of her great aunts and is from the 60’s! What doesn’t show up as well in the filter I used is that the whole tunic is in silver with shiny metallic striping.  So she definitely gets props for the genuine article!  Caitlin’s a Latin major and incredibly crafty and creative.  And she’s been a wonderfully positive influence on my kids for years.  😉  You can check out her work on her blog “Isn’t It.”

Say cheese!

Say cheese!

The second is a photo of my friend Debra’s rabbit friend.  You know how I am with crochet?  That’s how Debra is about quilting. (See, I know lots of crafty, crafty people!)

So anyway, Debra came dressed as her inner child! And apparently this unusual rabbit, stuffed in her backpack, has been her buddy for years. When I looked at him through my camera, I couldn’t help by hear him awkwardly say “Cheese!”

He looks just about as uncomfortable as I do when someone tries to get me to pose for a picture.  “Ok, now tilt your head a little to the right. Turn your chin a little to the left. Now, do a hand stand and hold it.”

Yeah, that’s the feeling alright. I commiserate with you dude.
Thanks for playing.

Jessica as Mirth

Jessica as Mirth

Lastly is a photo of my daughter Jessica, dressed as a character she’s created named Mirth.

Expect to hear more about Mirth and her adventures in the future over on her own blog called Attack Of The Plot Bunnies.

There are plenty more costumes at our house right now, but I will have to take more photos before you can see them.  So stay tuned while I get back to my guests and you have a wonderful night!


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  1. Doug

    Too late for this year now, but you might be interested in this for next year:

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