Someone Needs Your Good Thoughts Tonight – Part 2

As a follow-up to my post last week, which you can read here, I thought you might like an update on the young man who was contemplating the taking of his life.

First off, all of you who stepped out to comment, or share, or just pledge a prayer and a good thought – you make a difference.  A difference Michael felt.

There was also Nina’s personal note, which I copied and sent to Michael’s aunt for her to share with him.  He was awed and grateful.  He said it helped so much.  And his aunt was also very grateful for such a personal response.

And he’s still been struggling all week.

But you know what?  And I believe you all had a part in this.  Michael was in a bad place again this week.  (Apparently he’s also hearing voices and has terrible headaches.)  But instead of doing something drastic, he called 911 instead and he asked for help.

And he got it.  He’s getting help now. I believe you helped do that!

Please continue to keep him in your good thoughts and prayers, that he gets the help he needs and gets well.  And keep the family in your thoughts too.

Thanks for being the awesome, loving people that you are!



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7 responses to “Someone Needs Your Good Thoughts Tonight – Part 2

  1. Nina L

    I just saw this and your thanks. I am so glad that it helped and so proud of him for getting help. It’s the hardest thing to admit that we need help, and it shows just how strong he is. Strong enough to rely on the strength of friends and family and even strangers. I’ll keep praying. Stay strong!

    Love and prayers!

    • Thank you Nina for revisiting! And like you said before, yes you make a huge difference. I’m going to pass your words his direction again. Thanks so much for reaching out. ::hugs::

    • Nina, I was asked to pass along this message to you from Micahel’s aunt:

      “Please forward this thank you to Nina from my family and myself for all her love and support. I will let my nephew know what Nina said. This will mean alot to him. Thanks again friend and thank you Nina my new friend. :0)”

  2. Carmel Johnson

    Oh, good. I am glad he resisted the impulse and is getting help. 🙂

  3. That’s awesome! It’s so great that Michael got help when he needed! Thanks for sharing this story on how people can make a difference in another’s life!

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