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Why We Pray For Others…

monk-prayerNapoleon Hill, widely regarded as one of America’s most successful (and most spiritual) business leaders, believed that a negative state of mind could undo the power of prayer.

He saw that it was important we always keep our minds in the right place when we pray, but also when we go about our daily routines. That a positive mindset was critical to our success and well-being, as well as the manifestation of our prayers and dreams.

Prayer is known in many forms all around the world, regardless of religion, culture, philosophy or spiritual belief. Even my atheist friends believe there is something to prayer and what it does for the human psyche, even if only as a form of collective consciousness.

As a student of world religions, the idea that a negative frame of mind can undo the power of prayer is definitely striking to me.

My belief in the power of prayer is strong, even though most people don’t think of me as religious. It’s saved my life too many times to doubt it. And I believe in a Creator behind that power. Even now, with everything John and I face, I still believe.

But why pray for others?

Depending on how tough things are, it can be hard to stay encouraged. And stay positive.

Frankly, many of my prayers in recent months have even been angry. If the outcome of my prayers had to rely entirely upon my personal attitude, I wouldn’t get far.

The prayers of others help lift us when we struggle on our own.

Herein lies the secret I think.

I especially understand this with everything my husband is going through today. Staying positive about a terminal illness is incredibly difficult. So if a negative outlook can undo the power of Prayer, then what are we to do when we become discouraged? How do we manage “mind over matter” when our brain has been damaged? What are we to do in the face of great adversity?

Why bother to pray if what’s supposed to give us comfort and connect us to the Divine will simply be erased should our emotions get the better of us?

This is where the prayers of others are so important. We’re not attached to the trials we don’t experience. When we pray for each other, our faith that our prayers matter is not darkened by our own trials and discouragement.

The act of prayer is an exchange of energy. Collective prayer adds to the energy given.

When we are down, when were discouraged, when we’re afraid, when our faith falters – the love, encouragement and prayers of others can help bridge the gap and keep our batteries going.

No man is an island.

Humanity has always been social by nature and has never thrived on solitude.

We’re always better when we share our burdens and come together.

A single candle lights and even rekindles many others.

Thanks everyone for keeping mine lit.



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Someone Needs Your Good Thoughts Tonight – Part 2

As a follow-up to my post last week, which you can read here, I thought you might like an update on the young man who was contemplating the taking of his life.

First off, all of you who stepped out to comment, or share, or just pledge a prayer and a good thought – you make a difference.  A difference Michael felt.

There was also Nina’s personal note, which I copied and sent to Michael’s aunt for her to share with him.  He was awed and grateful.  He said it helped so much.  And his aunt was also very grateful for such a personal response.

And he’s still been struggling all week.

But you know what?  And I believe you all had a part in this.  Michael was in a bad place again this week.  (Apparently he’s also hearing voices and has terrible headaches.)  But instead of doing something drastic, he called 911 instead and he asked for help.

And he got it.  He’s getting help now. I believe you helped do that!

Please continue to keep him in your good thoughts and prayers, that he gets the help he needs and gets well.  And keep the family in your thoughts too.

Thanks for being the awesome, loving people that you are!


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