The Gift Of Choice

Life is a series of choices.

We start out (ideally) with parents who provide the initial structure and control in our lives.

But there comes a point when we must provide our own structure.  And when we must accept the fact that we can no longer blame anyone but ourselves.

We have what we do in life largely thanks to our choices.  Sure, there are chance happenings and anomalies in life.  But when push comes to shove, it’s all about choices.  From the tiny to the big.  And most of them with our own name attached.

There are choices of apathy and neglect, choices of value, choices of compromise and choices of rebellion, etc..

But here’s the thing.  Make it yours.

Don’t whine.  Don’t pretend you didn’t make the choice.  Don’t give up your freedom.  Embrace every choice with conscious awareness.

Responsibility for the choices we make is a gift of freedom.  It means that we direct our destiny.   For better or worse.  And it also means we have the right to fail.

Don’t let anyone take that away.



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3 responses to “The Gift Of Choice

  1. So what spurred you to write this?

  2. So much power in brevity!

    Not making a choice is still a choice.

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