John and I talk things out openly all the time.

I have no idea what it is like personally to have two brain surgeries, seizures and strokes and not be able to communicate normally and do what the rest of us take for granted.

I have no idea what it is like to be a husband/father/soldier/bread-winner and not know if I will live a few more months or not.

But living this reality with him, I can achieve a close guess.

Likewise, he has no idea what it is like for me to be his caregiver/advocate/defender/wife either.

There are plenty of bystanders who bear witness to our world.

That is hardly my title.

Aside from the impossible, there are few of John’s burdens I don’t share or carry.

Few of his wounds that I don’t bleed from too.

I am in this trench, sleepless and under fire with him.

And it’s recognizing this reality between us that gets us through the every day trauma of brain cancer.

Together we minister to each others’ worries and pains, hold each other tight and pour love over each other, in every way we know how.

It keeps our marriage alive.

After all, what is marriage but best friends loving each other.

You don’t think brain cancer changes that, do you?

He’s feeling better on the new treatment right now.

We have hope.



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4 responses to “Witness…

  1. Kathleen Robins

    I am glad you have the respite of your love and friendship, glad he has you in the trench with him. I am glad John is feeling better and that you have hope. I pray it will grow and flower and nourish you all with its fruit.

  2. Victoria / minimomes1

    Thank you for the update. Thinking of you all.

  3. Amy

    Carrying each other’s burdens as best we can. One day at a time. I’m glad he’s feeling better, and you have hope.

  4. M.J. Cobb

    Julia, I’m so glad to hear this good news! I am trying to “friend” you on Facebook, but not succeeding, so far. Love and prayers, Mary Jane

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