There Once Was An Asp On My TARDIS…

Here’s something fun.

Asp or puss caterpillarAn asp (or puss) caterpillar, aka the most poisonous caterpillar in North America, decided to show up on my TARDIS (furry white thing on the spider).

I called my pest control guy to come out to remove it safely. I was expecting a bunch of kids and family for John’s birthday party. Definitely didn’t want to have to take anyone to the emergency room!

The pest control guy had never heard of it and asked me how to remove it! Whatever. I started Googling for a removal scenario and could only find instructions on how to remove the spines from your skin, not safely remove the caterpillar itself.

Finally got the caterpillar safely removed by scraping it into a jar and my pest guy took it back to the office.

Unfortunately, we had to toss our spider, as it probably has spines in the fur from removing the caterpillar.

It was one of our oldest props, so we were a bit sad. 😦






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