To The One Struggling…

When it comes to health, never hesitate to get 2nd and 3rd opinions and be willing to travel to get them if you have to. They can be life saving.

My personal opinion is that something is happening to Generation X, biologically. I don’t know what, but too many doctors are treating us like the generations before us. Yet we are facing things at younger ages than our parents and grandparents. And perhaps even more complex things at that.

However, we’re also considered by the system to be the most stubborn and uncooperative generation of parents ever. Because even as adults we challenge the system. We ask questions and we do our own research. We unabashedly disagree with authority figures.

It’s our willingness to challenge the status quo. And to me that is part of our saving grace.

Be a rebel. Make the professionals justify their opinions, prove their theories and prove their authority before you change your future based on their advice.

It may not be perfect, but I always believe in as many good data points as possible before life altering decisions.

And honestly, you want to rule out other possible problems too.

Whatever it is that you’re facing, I pray that all the right people cross your path to help you. ❤️


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