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School Is A Prison

“Go do your homework!” I tell my son, exasperatedly.  Unfortunately, he has extra homework this weekend because he was sick for 3 days earlier this week.

Then I hear it.  Drag, scrape, drag, scrape.  I look up and see this:

Ball n’ chain…

And I hear him say, “It’s like a ball and chain, only it’s a backpack.  School is a prison. Ugh.”

He looks up with his little quirky grin.  The one where he’s trying to keep a straight face, but can’t help but chuckle at his own clever joke.

On the one hand, I bust out laughing with him.  He’s turning out to be quite a funny young man.  However, I feel for him.

I’d rather he were outside riding his bike, building a fort, inventing a robot or something else right now.

So much homework for these kids.  And so little time for life.


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