About Pixie Worx! Designs…

I believe in owning something special and different…
something outside the malls and department stores,
something of quality and uniqueness you often only find once in a lifetime.
Those are the things that memories are made of.
Those are the things I’ll be proud to pass on.

About the Artist:

My crochet tutelage began at age 5, with my grandmothers–two crafting gurus–as my guides. I was immediately enraptured by the hook, and crochet has been with me ever since.

All my crochet work is designed by me – often without knowing what I’ll make until the yarns are in hand. But despite the spontaneous, wild, and quirky designs, some things remain the same: Depth, Texture, and Substance. These are characteristics that remain solid in my crochet work.

About my work:

Most of my work is free-formed into existence. Specializing in high-end microfibers and fibers from around the world, each of my pieces is composed of multiple types of fibers, utilizing various texturing techniques and custom hooks and tools. A unique fabric is created within each work of art. Each combination of various fibers, tools, and techniques results in variations in tension and texture. As such, this renders set replicable patterns and gauge useless in my work. Each creation is practically sculpted into existence and born truly One Of A Kind (OOAK). I also often use limited-run fibers or ply my own. Every finished Pixie Worx! creation is a unique handcrafted original design.

My Pixie Worx! store handles my finished handmade goods. For patterns and hand-carved crochet hooks, see my design-related store, Aberrant Crochet.

Pixie Worx - My Finished Goods Store


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