A Sweet Soft Cloche….

Named “Dorothy” after my paternal grandmother who helped teach me to crochet and sew, this Aberrant HeadGear(TM) cloche by Pixie Worx!(TM) is created in black, white and shades of gray, finished off with a black embroidered bow done “flower style” and topped with a “cherry red” center.

Dorothy - Sweet and Soft Cloche

Dorothy – Sweet and Soft Cloche

Our story:

My Grandma Dorothy is a lymphoma cancer survivor at 89 years old and just recently finished her latest round of chemo. Both my grandmothers who taught me to crochet (since Mom was left-handed and I wasn’t) have been incredible resources and examples to me my entire life. It is absolutely because of them that I crochet, even being able to push the bar to do things never thought of before. Grandma Dorothy has always been an inspiration to me, as with every round of chemo she keeps a smile on her face, a ready hug for every person she knows and crochets yet another little hat to go on with her day. You’d hardly know what all she’s been through. Unfortunately my Grandma Leona lost her battle with cancer two years ago this month, and she is sorely missed.

There are too many cancer victims and survivors in my family, now including my mother. As such, I now often crochet with these in mind; choosing the softest, highest quality materials I can find for the tenderest skin going through chemo. I’ve also received a lot of highly appreciated input from survivors over the years that has led to the development and creation of these unique designs. May these creations bless everyone they touch.


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