Niki’s Hat – Lockhart Rites of Spring Festival 2009….

It was a pleasure to meet Niki and her husband at the Lockhart Rites of Spring 2009 Festival. I always bring work in progress’ to shows, because I’m usually teaching or demonstrating at shows too. And I rarely have less than 5 things going all at once. Plus it allows people to watch me work, and they know for certain that yes – I really do make everything I sell. And I can customize on the spot. Well, in all honesty, that’s where the story of Niki’s Hat begins….

Niki's Hat 2

Niki's Hat 2

Yep – see that bald styrofoam head in the background. It was wearing Niki’s hat, before it was finished. Sometimes I have projects that I initially visualize one way, but they evolve into something different. Niki’s hat is one of those examples. And while I was hanging out at the show, I was playing with that hat and trying out different flowers and motifs. Styrofoam heads are great for pinning hat pieces and motifs together when you’re trying to get ideas. And that’s when Niki discovered this hat….

Niki's Hat - Lockhart 2009 Spring Art Show

Niki's Hat - Lockhart 2009 Spring Art Show

Sure enough, at the end of the show I was working busily to finish off the flower motif. Luckily I still had some red chenile fibers handy, or that flower could not have been customized with a cherry red center! I always carry at least some yarn with me to shows, so I can get some work done or let customers get an idea of options for custom orders. But I do not carry by far the range of colors and fibers that I work with at home. It was kind of scary there for a moment, because the red pin I used to tack the flower for my brain storming made it quite clear that red was the perfect center!

Niki's Hat - Side view of bamboo flower

Niki's Hat - Side view of bamboo flower

All in all, it turned out wonderfully! Niki said she liked how light it was and she prefered me to leave the tails for the flower draping for her. So cute and Niki’s such a doll! Thanks to Niki, Abigail and Robert for making the show just a joy to be a part of!


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