The Best Potholders Ever…

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Complimentary colors for my sister in law

Lately I’ve had a hankering for simpler projects than I usually have my hands in. And after some recent stress and discouragement I found myself looking back for sources of comfort, to one of the very first “real” projects I ever learned to crochet some 30+ years ago – my Grandmother’s pattern for potholders.

Grandma’s double layer potholders have, to this day, been the absolute best potholders I’ve ever had. (And I’ve bought a lot of pot holders and hot pads too.) She made me a pair some 20 years ago that became my everyday potholders in motherhood. They’ve never burned me. They’ve never torn nor have they fallen apart from singeing and heat. Neither have any of the ones I’ve made in child or adulthood before or since. (Can you tell I cook – a LOT?) They wash and dry so well and overall, they still look pretty good! And not only that, but I prefer them equally to cork for use as hot pads too, when I need to set something on the counter or table.

They’ve done an excellent job of protecting my furniture from heat damage.

Various sizes, even for my little tea pot

The potholders you see pictured here are the new ones I made last week. I made several in different sizes, even some small enough for my little tea pot. And a complimentary pair for my sister-in-law who dug through my bag ‘o yarn and picked out the fibers. I really like how the textures play out.

It was comforting to “sit with Grandma” again. I’ve updated the look a bit, but in my heart it’s still Grandma’s pattern.

Miss you…



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9 responses to “The Best Potholders Ever…

  1. So far I have not knit or crochet any potholders. I like yours but can’t find the pattern anywhere?

    • Hi Dottie,

      Thanks for visiting and thank you for your compliment! I’m glad you like the potholders. However, the pattern was my grandmother’s and I have no plans to publish her pattern at this time.


  2. Kim

    How do I purchase or inquire on items

    • Um, email or call me Kim! I don’t have everything listed in my Etsy store, but let me know and we’ll figure it out.


    • Roch

      This is the DoubleThickCrochet Potholder available for free –this is way past any copyright expiration and easy to find– at Mielke.

      • The design you are referring to is easily found here:

        However that is not my grandmother’s design, nor is it how I modified her design either. They are similar only in that they both are worked in the round, around a chain.

        While my grandmother would be nearly 100 now, it’s incorrect to assume copyright expiration, though. That’s not how it works.

        • Christina

          Never mind. I can’t believe the people are so uptight that they don’t share recipes are patterns for things so common as crocheting.
          Please disregard my earlier comment as I know you have absolutely no intention on sharing your knowledge.

          What a waste .

          Thanks anyway.

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  4. Christina

    My stepmother is looking for the pattern for the double thick potholders yours look exactly like what she is looking for! Do you have a pattern or can you tell me what the design is called or where I can find it?

    Much Thanks!!

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