Project Mr. Right Now: “Ireland” Bookmark in Ogham

imageimageAnyone who knows me, knows I have 20+ unfinished crochet projects going at a time. And that’s just the crochet.

What you see photographed here is a pattern I’m working on for St. Patty’s Day. I actually started it last year during some of my language studies (hobby), but didn’t finish it in time and set it aside. I’ve rotated through several types of crochet to get this far on this pattern. A hybrid fair isle approach is what I’m trying out now, with a right and a wrong side.

I think when I release the chart, I’ll release it as two types. One for a simple chart approach, one for a more detailed and complicated approach.

When it is complete, it will read “Ireland” in Ogham, an ancient (and educated) bardic language with much of its roots in Ireland. Only the initiated of the bards could read it. Stay tuned for more about this one!



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8 responses to “Project Mr. Right Now: “Ireland” Bookmark in Ogham

  1. Wow – this looks like it could be amazing! I tend to be a project-based crocheter, working on just one or two things at a time until they are done. Sounds like you’re most process-based, enjoying working on different things. Funny how different things work for different crocheters.

    • Thanks! I like all types of crochet and tend to float back and forth amongst types and approaches. Many things do get done from start to finish in a single sitting or focused time span. Then there are others that do not, for whatever reason. Maybe the project gave me fits, maybe it requires more time and planning, maybe I have to pace myself because it wears my hands out, maybe I had a good beginning idea, but haven’t figured out the finale, or maybe I’m waiting on parts (like the purses). Which ever way, there’s always something starting, something going and something finishing.

      Thanks for visiting!

      • This is such a cool idea!

        Re: starting lotsa crochet projects….I’m laughing! I just now added 5 new project pages in Ravelry, like I’m drunk on it or something, and am holding back adding #6.

        Over time I’ve been paying close attention to when I start a new one, why one stalls or comes to an impasse, etc. I’ve noticed that the biggest reason one stalls is that I’ve reached some stage that requires a decision. Sometimes it’s even just a small decision, but it requires a gear-switching into a different kind of focus.

        Occasionally a stitch ends up boring me, or there are too many “speed bumps” in the yarn or stitch choice. But I’ve gotten pretty good about nipping that kind of stalling in the bud.

        Aside from the “stalling” that happens though, I also really do just need to rotate projects because I love so many kinds of crochet so much.

        • Yep, exactly! I get bored with the same ‘ol same ‘ol. I have to shake things up or the love starts to suffer. I don’t have as much time during the holidays to work on what I really want to, but this time of year, I try to take the opportunity to get to things I won’t during show season. This is experimental time too!

          That’s a good idea about consciously noting the reasons why we come to a pause. Though I have also been guilty of starting something and then just flat forgetting my original inspiration/idea. Too often whatever screams loudest in life is what gets the attention. Sometimes instead of jumping to respond, maybe they really need a time out.

          Thanks for dropping by Vashti!

  2. Jenny

    Hello from Dublin! Your ogham is really lovely. Do you mind if I quietly point our that it’s St. Paddy and not Patty?

    • Hi Jenny! Thank you and howdy from Texas!

      Not at all. I’ve seen both versions, so I definitely appreciate a more “official” view on it! I was trying to decide on which to use and so went with the spelling that returned the most Google results. 9 mil vs. 1 mil. But as we all know, just because you read it on the internet doesn’t make it right! LOL

      Thank you for adding to the community comments! Feel free to link your website when you leave a comment.

  3. Jenny

    Hi Julia, I’m so glad my comments were taken in the friendly manner they were meant. St. Patty’s is very much an Irish American way of saying it I understand, while it’s strictly St. Paddy’s or Patrick’s day in Ireland. Hope you enjoy the day anyway!!

  4. Thats a really cool and unique idea! Can’t wait to see the finished project. 🙂

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