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Project Mr. Right Now: “Ireland” Bookmark in Ogham

imageimageAnyone who knows me, knows I have 20+ unfinished crochet projects going at a time. And that’s just the crochet.

What you see photographed here is a pattern I’m working on for St. Patty’s Day. I actually started it last year during some of my language studies (hobby), but didn’t finish it in time and set it aside. I’ve rotated through several types of crochet to get this far on this pattern. A hybrid fair isle approach is what I’m trying out now, with a right and a wrong side.

I think when I release the chart, I’ll release it as two types. One for a simple chart approach, one for a more detailed and complicated approach.

When it is complete, it will read “Ireland” in Ogham, an ancient (and educated) bardic language with much of its roots in Ireland. Only the initiated of the bards could read it. Stay tuned for more about this one!


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