I Spy With My Little Eye….

So I’m at the last minute today.  Damn it.  I don’t have business cards for my show this weekend or anything else graphics wise ready to go.  And there was Tae Kwan Do and the book fair and a fundraiser tonight that I skipped out on and…. Yeah, you get it.

I have a lot of ideas queued for NaBloPoMo, but none of them are quick enough to allow me to get right back to designing my tags.  I needed something quick and creative to pass the muster for my post.  Because after all, I’m a bit of a stickler for posting with some sort of purpose in mind.

So it occurred to me to look around my kitchen, err… my office I mean, and post some photos of things in this room that might tell you a little something about me.

Didn't you know that a built in wine rack is perfect for model rockets? Sometimes there's wine too.

Pottery skull my daughter made when she was in 6th grade? Behind that is a pottery slate she made with hieroglyphics.

Vase that belonged to Grandma Leona and a sheet of antique music I collect. Grandma almost sold that vase for $1 at a yard sale. I snatched it before someone else could and told her if she was getting rid of it, then I wanted it. I just love it.

Stuff on my fridge.

Two of my favorite magnets ever.

Can you tell I like magnets?

This sign belonged to my husband's 90 yr. old grandmother. She used to work for an antique store and found this. After she died, it came to me. She had a sense of humor, her.

In the end, it wasn’t exactly all that quick, but it was pretty straight forward. So I’m sticking to the notion that at least it was fun and interesting!



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2 responses to “I Spy With My Little Eye….

  1. You could so a post about designing business cards 🙂 two birds with one stone!

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