The Birds Are Coming

Tonight, after an evening run to Kinkos for printing hell…  I mean help, I had to run by Sam’s Club to pickup sandwich fixin’s and essentials.  As I drove through the parking lot, this scene met me.  A sea of black Starling birds covering the parking lots of stores that were already closed.  This colony of birds has grown substantially over the near 17 years I’ve lived here.  And they have become a nuisance to every business near I35 as they show up in droves and take over the parking lots of local businesses.  Of course, this gets worse in the fall.

Driving into this section of the parking lot and getting out to take photos drove some of the birds to flight.  This photo was taken after sunset, when the sky is just a little dusky still.


The Birds: Can you see how full of birds that tree is, and the crowd of them in the next parking lot over?

Almost as impressive as the sight is the deafening sound. I took a quick video just so you could hear.  But alas, for some reason WordPress does not seem to support both a photo and a video in the same post.  You can view the 30 second video here:


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  1. Amy

    In Auburn, NY where my mother used to live it was crows. Huge flocks of them. Darned smart birds. I’m glad I’m bigger than they are.