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The Difference Between A Duck

I’m a romantic. I love stories and love wondering about the past and the objects that were there to witness it. Though I’m not a true antique collector, it’s hard to resist saving a quaint old treasure to find it’s story.

So I’m researching a fold-up antique table I found at Goodwill for $3.99. I could tell it was antique, maybe mahogany, I don’t know. Old craftsmanship for sure. Part of the furniture sticker was missing, so I could not see the whole company name. I finally figured out from someone’s newspaper ad the missing parts:

*Date stamp 1939 *Sticker on back says- Bridge Table & Novelties inc Lowell mass Topper Products “Limited-never duplicated” …

And then found another reference to this furniture company through this website and it’s service feature of helping you find out how much something is worth, here…:

Kind of neat site and service! For…

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