I Was A Goddess Today!

I was a working, accomplishing goddess today. Not crochet related, but I totally kicked ass.  Maybe it’s because it’s the first day of spring break and my day wasn’t broken up by school runs, I don’t know, but I’m ready for more days like today.  I had my running check list.  Back and forth, trading this hat for the next.  Ticking my items off one by one.  I took every call today on the second ring!  Many times I just can’t, but today I talked to customers and friends and still accomplished things on my list!  Even as things got added to my list, they got worked on!  I even mowed on the lawn, with an old-fashioned push mower today (the human-powered kind that used to belong to hubby’s grandma).  In high weeds.  (Long drought plus a sudden few days of rain in Central Texas means every mean and nasty local weed there is  springs up and tries to take over.)  And I still came in and was able to turn my head to analysis, inventory and calculations.  Take care of the workshop I’m planning, contact people, handle clients, send out newsletters, convert files, touch base with teachers and chat with friends.

On top of that, I heard from three other friends who fell into recent strokes of good fortune too! Friends sold their house in 6 hrs (say what? I want some of that!).  Another friend sold $400 in paintings over lunch today.  She’s so excited!  (Isn’t that awesome?) And another is launching a new business plan with astounding possibilities.  Another I talked to I just found out escaped a fire.  Thank goodness they are OK!  And I have new neighbors who at least for today, seem really nice.

My regular lawn mower is still broken, and I didn’t finish the lawn, but it was a good day. And I feel like awesome.  It totally rocked!

Now I want to bake chocolate chip cookies…………
I totally deserve it.

nom, nom….



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4 responses to “I Was A Goddess Today!

  1. Whoa, that is great!

    I love my reel lawn mower. It can only handle grass up to a certain height… but, it has such a wonderful sound, and it makes only the smell of cut grass and mint and wild garlic, no nasty fumes, no nasty fuel to handle/spill.
    Totally. Awesome.
    Definitely Moar Days like the one you describe!

    • I like the old mower OK, but I think the blades are in desperate need of sharpening, because even when the grass is short, it’s hard to push through. But otherwise, I love that it’s easy to grab and use. I’m kind of short and even with the regular mower’s power drive, I have trouble pushing that mower because the handles are too high for me. :\

  2. mary i

    You Rock!!! I could feel your “Goddess” energy as I read your post. Thank You for sharing it,as I can use a bit of what you got going on. Have a “chainy” day! 🙂

    • Oh good! I want to share the love! Let’s both have a Goddess day today! I’ve already done an hour’s worth of grocery shopping I didn’t expect, but at least it’s done for the week now. I have a family gathering to cook for next weekend, so I was already short on some items for that. Today’s focus, start on packing the kitchen and finish my inventory. Ugh.

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