A Day Of Volunteering For A Steampunk Event – NaBloPoMo

Well, the kids and I volunteered to help out The Robot Group (from Austin) at a steampunk event called Showdown At Unobtainium.  It was a long day and the kids had a blast.  TRG brought out several teckie items for folks to check out, including a spin art exhibit, some electronic musical do-hickeys and a robot that draws pictures on eggs.  Amongst other robots and engines brought.  My kiddos are involved with KidBot, a spin-off from TRG.  And they helped out with the spin art and Lego Mindstorms demos, amongst other things there.  They’ve grown up going with me to shows, so they fit right in without a hitch, talking to people and making everyone at home.  The guys said they really appreciated it.

Along with us in the “Mad Science” section was Austin Hacker Space, The Edge of Imagination Station who brought a very cool stop animation demo and Besser Education who served some very interesting ice cream experiments made with dry ice.  The version of ice cream I tasted was slightly cinnamon with chunks of a variety of hard candies ranging from wintergreen to orange.  Definitely a different experience.

I took tons of photos, acting as unofficial photographer for TRG’s efforts, which I will have to upload tomorrow.  I also met a few interesting people I would like to blog about.

So stay tuned for better details – after some sleep and some morning coffee!  I’m beat and my feet are giving out on me.  Night folks!


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