I Miss My JamBox….

Aberrant-Crochet-jambox-radio-boombox-tapedeckmusicAnd I’m not talking about the current portable speaker product produced by JawBone.  (Which is not a bad product, btw.)

No, I’m talking about the good old 80’s style dual speakers, dual tape, maybe a CD player too, boombox deck.  The kind that could be totally used, abused and ported anywhere.

The thought struck me this morning, while listening to my daughter sing to her Kindle tunes in the shower.  You know, with the Kindle on the counter, not in the shower.

With the use of good headphones, I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised about the sound quality that Kindle and Amazon Music provides.  Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out, it’s worth doing.  But without headphones, it leaves so much to be desired.

I used to carry my jambox to the bathroom to help me wake up and time my showers too.  And it sounded better than what I heard this morning.  And while you can get speakers to plug into the Kindle, like the Jawbone product above, it somehow doesn’t have the oomph.  Not to mention, it adds all these gangly wires and such to contend with.  Not exactly super easy to port around.  Plus there’s the fragility of carrying such stuff around.  I could drop my jambox on the street and it’d still run.  It was totally covered in scuffs before it finally died, after at least a decade of use, and only because a thunderstorm energy spike got it.  Best money I ever saved up and spent as a kid.

But today, we wonder what’s wrong with someone when they don’t upgrade their tech every year.

I watch my son shove his Kindle into the leg pockets of his jeans with his headphones in.  But I think, it’s nothing like hoisting a box on your shoulder while you ride your bike down the street.  Or like I did most often, rigging up a shoulder strap for my music box – anchored to the handle bars of my bike at college, or slung over my shoulder as I rode down the street.

Listening to the music emanating from the bathroom door  this morning… it was like listening to mono-tone radio on an AM station.

I don’t know.  Touch screens are awesome and all.  But sometimes I just want a box.



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