Craft Bullies…

I cannot believe… I’ve never seen this video before.

Someone shared it over at The Crochet Liberation Front Ravelry Group.

I think it’s absolutely HILARIOUS!
And that its satire also reveals some points, if anyone’s listening…


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5 responses to “Craft Bullies…

  1. Funny! As a crocheter, I’m always being asked to “just try knitting” sometime. I’m sure it’s fun and relaxing, too, but I’m not that interested. To me it seems you can do so much more with a crochet hook; and the fact that so much can be done with just one hook makes it even more amazing to me. Not enough time right now to go into the aggravation caused by people who don’t know the difference between knitting and crochet! Thanks for posting.

  2. Victoria / minimomes1

    I was at my knit and natter group this morning. A newbie to the group was so happy to find out that we could crochet as she wanted to learn. We have had more knitters come along to crochet than the other way around. Actually, no crocheters has asked to learn to knit! Hope all’s well in Round Rock.

    • LOL! I guess if I think about it, I haven’t heard too many crocheters talk about learning to knit either! We’re doing well here. Weather is of course, beautiful. Windows open, sunny, no snow. Hope you’re doing well! 🙂

  3. Janet Harden

    My primary use of any yarn- cheap or expensive, is crochet. The most interesting compliment I got from a weaver was, “Your finished products don’t look like crochet or, for that matter, knit. They look like magic.”

    I knit too, not often, but I do. I curse a lot when I knit. Actually more than usual.

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