In my estimation, we’re evolving…

earth_sun_nasa_imageI don’t believe in organized politics anymore than I believe in organized religion.

It’s become our new way to slander and crucify our fellow-man. The excuse we give to act less than we are. Our justification for ignoring what we should be paying attention to.

I suppose it’s born out of my rebellion against anyone trying to force me to conform to a specific label.

I  refuse to join a group, vote a party line, or violate my conscience to keep someone out of office.

More times than not, reasonable people assume I think exactly as they do, and therefore against anyone they don’t like.

This is only because I am open-minded and more studied than most. I don’t gravitate to media talk shows and labels to judge a situation or person. And I find reasoned discussion, disagreement, and even debate, to be edifying and essential to society.

I believe that as we evolve as a human race, our problems and their answers likewise evolve. It is the way of spiritual maturity.

I cannot agree completely with any one ideology.

And I hope I never do.



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2 responses to “In my estimation, we’re evolving…

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am also a bit cynical about the organized political machine. I have, however, known good people who chose politics as a way to further justice and to make a difference. And they are still at it. They tell me that what we (ordinary citizens) think, makes a difference. It’s more important than ever that every citizen find a way to become engaged in the process–either to fix it, change it or protect it–whatever your preferences are. Without an engaged and informed citizenry of all stripes, we are pawns to the whims of elected officials who believe they don’t need to answer to us. I apologize if this sounds like a rant. I respect your views and enjoy reading your blog. Carry on, friend!

    • I didn’t say I refuse to be engaged. I’m incredibly engaged and have helped many grassroots efforts to protect rights, particularly medical rights. I refuse to choose a label. I find I’m in the minority as someone who actually researches an issue, political labels, candidates, etc.. And party lines rarely pursue our colorful and collective freedom and best interest. They’re too large. Small groups of people living according to their service and honor change the world for the better. Large groups that blindly follow an ideaology often advocate things they haven’t studied, haven’t noticed and don’t even realize are part of their platform. I’d rather get to know actual men and women, than trust a party line.

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