Dogs Teach You Love – Cats Teach You Manners…

It’s no mistake that dogs are great teachers when it comes to unconditional love.

You can make mistakes and they still show love and affection.

They forgive. They forget.

Pull their tail, and they’ll forgive you.

Eat their dog food when your mom says you have to wait for dinner, and they’ll share.

Take their toy when they’re playing with it and they’ll include you in the game.

Not so with cats.

If you forget to dip the litter box, they’ll let you know how rude you are to leave their toilet so dirty.

If you don’t get up to feed them, they’ll make sure you’re aware of the fact that you are not attending to the dietary needs of your guests.

If their water dish is empty, they will get the water for themselves after destroying your kitchen.

If you go on a trip, they will not forgive you right away. They will turn their backs and let you know when you are being rightfully shunned.

Accuse them wrongfully, and they will hold it against you.

Crowd their space too much, or touch them in the wrong way, they’ll let you know – painfully.

Rude human behavior can always be repaid with a hairball or worse.

They make you earn their respect.

Cats won’t let you get away with bad manners.

One way or another – you’ll learn!



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