Whatever kind of story shall I tell?

I often asked John to help me with writing prompts for my annual daily writing November NaBloPoMo challenge.

He knew I was looking for the kind of prompts that require more critical thinking–aimed at publishing a helpful piece of writing with value, not just a post on my favorite breakfast food or something else innocuous. I suppose a more journalistic approach vs. “throw-away” posts.

John was also good at helping me clarify my message into fewer words when I started waffling around a subject too much. And visa versa, he’d ask me for input when he needed to expound on something.

I miss our collaborative conversations. Whenever I get too wordy, I try to think, “How would John simplify this and get to the point?”

He’s not here to be my muse, but I could use some prompts for my writing challenge.

Writer's Block


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