I Will Find A Way…

It is difficult to minister to the spouses of the terminally ill.

But somebody has to reach a hand back into the darkness.

Somebody has to.

I cannot turn my back knowing what I know.

Caked in mud, blood and tears.

For now, it is my hand.

Someday, somehow, I will find a way to do more.

Helping hand

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One response to “I Will Find A Way…

  1. Debra

    My mind begs for more, yet thinking it knows so much already! I assisted through two Hospice events, my mother’s passing and a sisterfriend’s husband who passed. I find ways of helping her all the time, the hand into the darkness. And her darkness is VERY dark! But I bring the light of the one who created me. He is why I’m there assisting in the first place.

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