After Crochet Cama – Birthday Retreat!

So as most everyone at the Crochet @ CAMA 2011 Retreat learned, I stayed at Cama a couple extra days after the retreat to celebrate my 40th birthday this year.  As clichéd as it may sound, turning 40 has bugged me a bit, which tends to gripe me more.  I guess somehow I thought I would have figured out more of life by now.  Perhaps conquered some of it.  And aside from needing a break from motherhood and work and rush-rush demands, I knew I needed some time to settle, sit with the water and pull my thoughts together, mourn Grandma Dot.  I wanted to take accounting of my life. I did not want to make this transition thoughtlessly or without meaning and somehow I found Grandma’s recent transition to the after-life to be assisting my own transition into something as well.  Some new thing whose outlines I can’t even quite perceive.

A little wistful perhaps, but I believe in embracing life and celebrating every moment we can.  After all, what is it that we have that we can take with us to the here-after?  No matter what we believe?  I know there are many things I won’t be focused on upon my death-bed.  And I know there are many memories I have not lived yet that I want to.  Deployments, lay-offs, near-death experiences – all lend to my views today.  Forty is a nice round number, somewhere around the average American mid-life, to take accounting of oneself.

I didn’t take photos as religiously as I did for the crochet retreat itself, but I did take some.  I was also given permission to copy some photos others took of me at the retreat.  So I finally have proof that I was there!  😀  Here they are for you now.



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2 responses to “After Crochet Cama – Birthday Retreat!

  1. Liz Taylor

    Thanks, Julia, for sharing. Cama and the Retreat are magical. Laurie and Jeff are the best hosts!!!!! Liz Taylor

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