Nature’s Seasons Are Unique At Our Place….

Butterflies come about April/May for our flower bushes. That’s when the backyard is all a buzz and flutter.

Mid-July through September, that’s when you can count 100 dragonflies in my yard. I don’t know why they like my yard so much, because they don’t hover over the neighbors. I thought perhaps it had something to do with the weeds, but now we have real grass this year, so I dunno. I keep trying to photograph them, but they never turn out. Too small and fast.

Cardinals, all year round. I’ve enjoyed watching mom and dad bring at least two groups of fledglings this year to the bird feeder to feed.

Cicadas, they sing their songs about August on.

Geckos and lizards – our back yard is surrounded by an old rock wall, which the gecko kind all love. At night they come out and hunt moths on our house windows while entertaining our cats and sometimes frustrating the adults when the curtains get ruined. My kids used to watch them all the time when they were little.

Crickets. They come about twice a year here and the store fronts sometimes hint at something from Revelations. They don’t get into our place much due to the neighborhood cats.  Speaking of crickets, one just sailed around my ceiling fan. I thought he was a moth at first. My cats are so excited.

Bats are generally always around since we live close to the Round Rock colony. We have a larger lot that’s a bit bare after a storm took out a tree. The bats like to sweep in circles around our lawn space and then zoom to the bugs drawn to the street light across the way.

Spiders. I remember one year when it seemed a bumper crop had hatched all around Austin and the sky was full of silk balloon fluffs as if freshly blown from giant trees.

It was amazing.


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One response to “Nature’s Seasons Are Unique At Our Place….

  1. Minimomes1 / Victoria

    In our backyard, we have a load of fireflies (I noticed them in June and July). We could look out the back and see lots of flashing lights. It seemed like we were looking out at a large stadium with flashbulbs going off (we are surrounded by trees). We get chipmunks here when it’s not too hot.

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