I Never Set Out To Sell Crochet – Crochet Ruminations

It wasn’t in the plan.  Really.  I crochet because I can’t help but do it.  It’s very meditative for me.  Like playing piano, or writing, it’s something that helps me stay that nice person most folks like. 

We neeeeeds it, gollum! 

And even when the whole family has been gifted out of their minds, I still crochet. It’s just one of many ways that I express my inner geekery. 

I say we all have a madness in Life and crochet is just one of mine.  Which stands out just a little in a climate that’s rarely cold.

There’s always a new idea in my head somewhere and I never tire of thinking on a different angle for this or that when it’s crochet.  I have about 40 different unfinished projects going at a time, so there’s always something I can work on.  If I’m feeling less than benevolent to a particular project (and some projects do end up in the “dog house” for awhile), I put it aside and switch to something else so I can come back with a fresh attitude another time.

When it comes to conversations, even then I can’t shut up about crochet.  I find myself drawing analogies to the artistic process involved with crochet design, or industry quirks, marketing tools or a myriad of other crochet related micro-conversations that I find myself tying to more common life scenarios.  And there I’ll be, with folks staring at me going – did you really just relate that to crochet?

Uh, yep. Yep I just did.

It’s more perfect than you think.  Like “Zen And The Art Of Crochet” and “What Crochet Taught Me About Popularity” kind of material.  That’s the way it is for me.  And I’ll argue there’s nothing wrong with it either.  Substitute “cooking” in place of crochet and most folks would hardly blink an eye.  We all have our ways to explore the inner workings of self, business, relationships and world.  There’s nothing wrong with mine.  Whatever gets your attention.

But selling crochet?  That started out because I’d crochet while waiting on my kids.  People started noticing what I was making and wanted one too.  Before I knew it, “I want one! I want one!” and I was in business.  The fact that anyone wants to pay money for my expertise is just awesome.  It helps pay for my madness!

How about you?  How did you get into crochet related business?  And if you’re not yet, what do you think might get you to or why would you not want to?



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9 responses to “I Never Set Out To Sell Crochet – Crochet Ruminations

  1. Becky

    Your headline could be my headline. When I started crocheting two years ago, it was on a whim, wandering through Michaels on a dreary January day looking for something inspiring to charge me up. Several items came home with me that day, including a learn to crochet kit that had instructions I couldn’t understand. But the yarn and hooks in my hand were crying for my attention, and I was determined. Within a few months, I had mastered the reading of patterns and numerous stitches, and was a much more peaceable individual because of my new craft.
    Through a series of coincidences (are there really any coincidences?) I agreed to make bath-related items to sell at a craft fair, with a new friend Daisy (Fresh As A Daisy soaps on Etsy). She spurred me to load up my own languishing Etsy page (Chained To My Hook), and I’ve already taken several custom orders. I’m so excited to see where this leads and continue enjoying myself while supporting my obsession!

  2. Carmel

    My husband and I decided that I would stay home with any kids until the youngest one went to kindergarten. What we didn’t think of was the possibility of the kids not all coming at once- 5 years between kids means 10 years out of the workforce, and 9 years after I finished my degree before that magic time.

    In the meantime, I decided I wanted to run a more environmentally friendly house, and started looking into reusable versions of disposable objects. Turned out a lot of these were crocheted, so after buying a few objects off of Etsy I decided to try it myself and got a book and hook set from Walmart since I already had some yarn. I have been stitching ever since, and have greatly expanded what I work on. Now that the youngest is in first grade, I’ve decided that working in the industry is the direction I want to go, and I am working toward building a small business as contract crocheter and tech editor.

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  4. Not selling crochet specifically, but I always wanted my own boutique selling my creations {I’m multi-creative ~ sewing, counted cross-stitch, embroidery, crochet, cooking, photography} Being born & raised on the Canadian Prairie, I always said I was going to move to the first place south it didn’t get cold & had minimal snow, if any. Health issues shut me down from working even part-time outside the home; kids grew up, Mom moved out ~ I now live on the gorgeous Pacific Northwest coast with a view of the mountains & the Salish Sea. Crochet is my therapy for many health issues; my mindful meditation, my Zen Zone…
    I have my very first *big city* juried market {strictly handmade pieces only} coming up at the end of November ~ I’m nervous, but so very honored, to be included with world-class artists/artisans in a world-class metropolis =)

    • Congratulations Carla! I think you’ll find that you really enjoy juried shows. They tend to draw a different quality of buyer, one who appreciates the time and skill involved. And the quality of the shows themselves also seem better both for vendors and buyers. Anyway, I wish you luck getting ready for it and hope you’ll let us know how it goes! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your story!


  5. Mandy L

    I’m still learning as I go, and have no *intention* of my crochet becoming a business. I started for me, I’ve continued for me. But I’ve had requests and I’ve made a few gifts. I enjoy creating something awesome and useful out of a ball of yarn, and I love that what I do can put a smile on someone’s face. 🙂 So far, I’ve only had one or two people ask to “buy” something from me, and I’ve asked them to donate to a charity instead (thanks to suggestions from one of your previous discussions). I have a blast crocheting, and I feel like I’m doing something I love but also making a difference at the same time. It’s possible that one day in the future I’ll feel ready to sell, but for now I enjoy giving back. 🙂

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