Whazzup Crochet?

SO!  It’s been quiet in Aberrant blogging and social-media land lately thanks to our moving and helping family move.  Really, my last blog post was not meant to be some kind of prophecy.


I had just finally reached a point where there was no way to focus on anything but putting one moving/buying/selling-a-house foot in front of the other.  Overwhelming!

Additionally, for the first time, I didn’t succeed in my annual NaBloPoMo.  And I didn’t even crochet for most of this winter!

shocking :: the horror ::

I know what you’re going to say.  That I had good reason for it.  And I did….

But, yeah.  Well.  I’ma still kicking a couple of stones over it.
But, now we’re finally at “done” point!

OK…  Well, so I’m not totally unpacked.  (Not even much.)  But I expect that to take a while!  And we are moved out of our two big storage units now too!  Whew!

Trivia fun (make me feel better): How many boxes do you have yet to unpack from your last move?  And from when was that?

Stay tuned because I get back to blogging this weekend!  Starting off with a cool award I won and reviewing a friend’s new (her first) published crochet booklet!  A suite of great projects y’all!

And I have stories to tell!  (BOY do I have stories to share with you!)

So stay tuned and Happy Valentine’s Day!
Do something fun with great people this weekend and don’t forget the chocolate!
(Make mine dark!)



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15 responses to “Whazzup Crochet?

  1. Doug

    Congrats on reaching “Done”!
    Looking forward to more blog posts (and hook carvings I hope will resume at some point too, I say rather selfishly. 🙂 ).

  2. I moved three years ago from a large house into a small condo, and I rented a storage locker “for a few months” until I had time to decide what to do with everything. Yup, that was three years ago, and I still have a storage locker full of stuff. Maybe I’ll get to it NEXT month . . .

    • Pssttt… Hey Candace…. I’ll share a secret…. We had a storage unit for almost 10 years. Yep. Started when we had to evacuate part of the house when it was going to collapse on one side (long story and truly not fun) and I had to get a crew in to rebuild it and remove everything from the rooms. That was the first year John deployed. (He missed the whole thing.) However, months later when the work was finally done, we still managed to need a storage unit, because there were almost no closets in our two-bedroom house, no real garage and no room for pieces of furniture John’s grandma wanted him to have. I chalked it up to being essentially part of our housing costs. Then my grandma died and it was handy for the whole family that we had a storage unit. Eventually everyone got what they wanted and left what was for me. And so it went. Then came getting the house on the market (and less is always, always more) so we needed yet another storage unit because the one we had was a smaller one, not big enough for much. Though I did hire some pros to repack it for me (highly recommend!). Truth be told, we still have a 5×5 unit left (rents for $20 a month) that hubby and I decided to hang onto for business items, until we get things sorted out here at the new digs. But that’s officially a business expense! 😉 It is a relief not to be paying for the extra storage though.

  3. My blog’s been quiet too, but at least it was for crochet reasons. 😉
    We still have many boxes under our house from when we moved into our house, erum, 6 year ago? :”)

  4. Hey, Hookers,
    The Christmas boxes only lived in the bedroom for 1 1/2 yrs. Now in garage and hoping for no Earth tremors. The rest of the boxes are conveniently out of the way throughout the condo–going on 2 years–but still have some unpacked from OH to KY move 33 yrs. ago 🙂 Time for hook and yarn to create another preemie hat! Liz Taylor

  5. Amy

    Hi Julia! Waving at you from up here in Oregon! Congrats on getting settled in your new home. We moved into our house 15 years ago. I don’t think we have boxes that are completely untouched, but I know there are some in the garage that have items which haven’t seen the light of day in that 15 years. Perhaps time we got rid of them, no?!

  6. I think I might have few from the move before the one before this one… don’t tell the husband! It’s just easier to move them and shove them in a dark corner than sort through them. If I ever get to it I expect I’ll find some stuff I’ve been looking for a while back 🙂

  7. Victoria C

    Welcome back, Julia! Glad you’re more or less settled in.

  8. I still never found a favorite hand-carved wood crochet hook I’ve been looking for for over two years and was so hoping would turn up in the move. Made by SonShapes (and she doesn’t make ’em anymore). So hoping it’s maybe in a box somewhere, but hubby thinks it walked away at a show. One of my best hooks ever.

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