Social Media Is Sharing…

Life is rich.  Life is risks.

And sharing it with others, even for a brief moment on Facebook or Twitter or elsewhere online, helps remind me of that every single day.

It helps me stop and “smell the roses” as it were.

To slow the moment down and savor it just a little and celebrate it with the kindred spirits I’m blessed to know.

Some say that the virtual social world is a fake one.

I don’t think so.

In some ways, it’s a lifeline for me, in a daily schedule that even a chiropractor would not keep.

We get out of the social experience what we want, what we put in, and how we choose to see that world.

I would argue that you get an authentic experience when you invest one yourself.

But if you’re the kind of person who prefers to put on airs, to alter the tune before you let anyone hear, then that is all you’ll see in the people “around” you too.

Today, thanks to social media…

My day was made because…

  • a 19 year old kid doesn’t have cancer
  • a toddler I used to babysit got married
  • a mom is getting a well deserved vacation
  • a fellow artist met her goal with selling a clever t-shirt campaign
  • and a family reports that their local water park really is the bomb

And so I’m smiling….

     Life enriched…

            And getting back to work, late as it is…

…with gratitude in my heart.


Social Media Is Sharing - article and graphic by Aberrant Crochet



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4 responses to “Social Media Is Sharing…

  1. Nicely put. I think where some people err is perceiving social media as a “replacement” for relationships, rather than as a means to enrich them. As you mentioned, authenticity is an important quality.

    • Hi Mark, thanks for your visit. Your comment as to the “replacement” behavior makes sense. As with anything in life, balance is the key. Every good tool can be abused somehow. But just because something can be abused doesn’t make it invalid.

      Social media has helped me to connect with real people I wouldn’t have otherwise met in person! Jobs, opportunities, friends…. The relationships built and networking I’ve done online has been absolutely invaluable. All thanks to… the internet.

      It gets back to: if you don’t know… really – you don’t know.

  2. My mother in law is 87. She is in a rehab facility right now after a bout with pneumonia and other issues. Social media has become a lifeline for her, in addition to her telephone. She’s able to follow the lives of many of her nieces and nephews through Facebook.

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