NaBloPoMo And Halloween: And So It Begins…

It’s that time of year, when the Halloween Universe collides with the NaBloPoMo World on my blog.

Both hold such special places in my heart.

And this year, a Crack in the Universe allows the Time Lord Reality to bleed through more than ever before.

I’ve been dying to post pics and show off what we’ve been up to, but I didn’t dare spoil the surprise for our friends who were coming over this weekend.  Though agonizing at times, the decision paid off in spades.

One day, it will come.  And I will be ready.

The season started off for us pretty much as usual.  The yard began first with a trickle of spiders and webs.  Hubby and Dear Son got creative with the webs as we got closer to the big weekend.

The giant webs are up - Aberrant Crochet - Halloween 2015

How many spiders do you see?

But we wanted more.

So much more.

Because – you know.

I manifested something Doctor Who - Aberrant Crochet - Halloween 2015


And October’s Dear Hubby’s and my birthday month.

So I manifested something….

I’ll resist the urge to explain every backstory here.  Just click the links to get filled in on the years long back saga of what is my Geekdom.

And stay tuned for new back stories.

‘Cuz we gots some catching up to do.


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