Is time travel like crochet or like knit?

We just watched the new Terminator movie tonight.

And it got me thinking about the fabric of time.

Is it more like crochet? Or is it more like knit?

If you travel back in time, and something goes wrong and the timeline is changed… is it like a run in your pantyhose?

Something that ripples like a straight line through the entire length of knit fabric, permanently changing the landscape? Erasing an entire line of loops?

Or is it more like crochet?  In that if a loop of the fabric is damaged, its spread remains fairly localized. But the altered appearance in that area is more pronounced, leaving remants of threads and half memories?

And instead of erasing a line of loops, a little pot hole is formed, and the face of the landscape changes across multiple “lines?”

Do you think time as we know it is at risk from time moths?




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6 responses to “Is time travel like crochet or like knit?

  1. Love this. Yes to all of it. (very big grin)

  2. Doug

    It is tempting to say “knit” because everything is connected (Zen, and also a time in to your Numinous post). But I think it really is crochet. Loops can be put anywhere (entangled particles) but the effects are limited. Galaxies speeding ever further away and causality is limited by the speed of light….. So perhaps knit on a local scale and crochet on a global scale…

    • Hmmm, good point on the local scale. My head was definitely on the larger scale when the thought occurred to me. Parallel time lines, et all. But I have to wonder if it’s like crochet at the impact with knit runners that ripple off the core mess. We think in terms of how different would things be if say a world leader never came to power. How the world would be permanently affected. But I suspect with our supposed separation of just 6 degrees, that any one of us can create a “run” in the fabric of time and reality. It’s A Wonderful Life, et all.

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