Write like that…

My neighbor told me the other day “At least people always want to hire creative writers like you for their marketing teams.”

I was startled by his comment. Like, is this a thing?

When I look at job postings, they always want a marketing or business degree, not an Theology/English/Psych major. I’ve never seen a request for a creative writer to join a marketing team. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places…

We were discussing the need for major medical health insurance and having to look at corporate jobs in order to get good coverage for pre-existing conditions. I have to make sure that my family can continue to go to MD Anderson for anything cancer related now and his family has health issues he has to factor in as well.

He said he’d like to flip houses for a living, but in order to take care of his family’s health needs, he now works behind a desk.

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about my writing, but no major company has ever told me they want me to write for their team. Then again, I haven’t outright asked one yet.

I guess there *were* those two different magazines, that pitched me to write articles for them; which I did and was paid for. It was nice to be pitched, instead of pitching them. But that’s not the same as looking at hawking your skills to a corporate job.

But I think I’m going to have to. Writing is my main marketable skill that might be able to support a family and pay for cancer treatments. Twenty years of working for myself, but never having had to support a family by myself. Now I’m having to consider re-entering the corporate environment and I don’t know how that will go. I’m far more at home with entrepreneurs.

Consulting all on my own is proving to be very difficult. People ask for my time and help, they back out, etc.. While John was the main bread winner, I could afford to be flexible and understanding with my time. Now I can’t. My son’s life could depend on the choices I make. And working for myself hasn’t yet paid off this year. Need to level up somehow. This is getting more difficult to make work.

If you know of anyone who would like help with writing content or Facebook and social ads and marketing, please pass my name along. I need new clients. Or a new company.



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2 responses to “Write like that…

  1. Kathleen

    I have English & Art degrees, and do marketing for food coo-ops, non-profits and government agencies. I primarily make my living as a consultant who specializes in project design and grant writing, outreach, project evaluation and strategic planning, with occasional project management on the side. I had a decent stats background from my aborted pre-med days, and I did special training in evaluation. I’m digitally savvy and a full-on geek. People with way less skill and experience than I have call themselves grant writers and seem to be doing ok (though I sometimes get hired to fix their mistakes)- and if you’re careful and methodical, you can build the skills to command decent pay. Grant writing is a combination of project management, following rules exactly, being able to explain and sell a project clearly, concisely and truthfully and helping your clients represent themselves well to funders and partners. I’m in CA, and I carry my own ACA insurance, because I’ve got expensive health issues that cost a lot, and I needed better insurance than my spouse and kids. Do you guys have a decent ACA market? Though it’s certainly not a sure thing, the midterm elections give me hope it’s going to make it, hopefully with its pre-existing conditions protections intact.

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