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Giant Adjustable Crochet Halloween Spider Web Pattern – For Haunted House or Costume!

I continue to get hits for my blog post last year about developing this pattern and have received contacts looking for the pattern. This post is just to update and make sure everyone knows that yes, this pattern is available. I don’t know why Google is picking up my old blog post and not any of my more recent ones.

You can get this pattern right now on Etsy and Ravelry.

Look for it here: http://AberrantCrochet.etsy.com and on Ravelry  HERE.  The pattern is an instant PDF download on both websites after payment.

This is a completely adjustable pattern allowing you to extend it to the size you want, up to about 6 feet in diameter. It is also unique in that it can also be used to create a spider web to wear for a costume.

Spider web can be used as a costume accessory

You can read more about this pattern and its requirements at the above links.  You can also find several OOAK ready made (finished) spider webs in my store at: http://PixieWorx.etsy.com on a seasonal basis. If you do not see a finished web for sale, but want one, just convo me.  I usually only list them during the second half of the year, but receive input all year round.

Christmas Spider Web

I am also working on a crochet pattern for a 15-20 foot spider web for serious outdoor use. It is an advanced pattern using reinforcing stitches there are currently no yarn standards for (hence the delay in its offering). This design is to help produce an incredibly strong web for lots of stress, use and abuse outdoors in trees, etc.. (Things that often wear fibers out.) If you are interested in the more fortified giant spider web pattern, contact me directly.  However, it is not currently ready for publication yet.

All Content Copyright © 2008-2015 by Julia Meek Chambers, Aberrant Crochet and Pixie Worx, all rights reserved.

You may sell finished products created from my pattern as long as they are not mass produced and are hand-made by you individually. Any items for sale must state in the item description that they are based on my pattern and include a link to my website. Any items you sell based on my patterns must also feature your own photographs. You may not use my images to help sell your finished items. If you have a charity project in mind which would require multiple volunteers, please contact me.

Purchase of this pattern grants you permission to make and sell items created from it, but not to republish, share or resell the pattern itself. A lot of time, cost and technical expertise go into my designs, as well as over 35 years of intensive study and application. Tech editors, etc.. So my patterns may NOT be reproduced or distributed — mechanically, electronically, or by any other means, including photocopying, without written permission. Please do not hurt my ability to feed my family and pay for medical bills. Thanks!

Other licensing inquiries: worx@pixieworx.net



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