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An Example of Polynesian Art – by an eleven year old…

Happy Belly

Happy Belly

OK, She’ll be 12 in little more than a month, but I just have to brag on my girl! Jessica really enjoys her 6th Grade Social Studies class. And every creative assignment her teacher doles out becomes a masterpiece endeavor for her.

Take this for example: She needed to do a little research, experiment with something that represented Polynesian Art and she’ll be presenting both her report and her representation before class after Memorial Day. Most of the other kids? They’re using construction paper. Not my child! And trust me, it has nothing to do with me! She does all this on her own, without my help and without my real input either. And not without trying. Me? I’m all about learn the lesson well and keep the project quick and simple. No one said make an exact replica of the Mona Lisa. Just get an idea of how it works, that’s all.

But, oh no. Not for Jessica.

We go look on the internet for something her teacher thought she might be interested in doing for the project. Something to do with beating up pieces of bark and making threads or something out of it. “What?” I’m going in my head. But we looked it up. And luckily Jessica thought the same. Whew! I was not looking forward to dealing with her spitfire personality and determination if she wanted to mangle tree bark. And I wouldn’t have the first clue on how to help her either.

Happy Belly - by Jessica

Happy Belly - by Jessica

So then it’s on to see what else there is to see for Polynesian art examples. We come across some of those really cool tattoos. PERFECT! I think. “You should draw that,” I say, knowing it’ll be really easy for her and it won’t mean a trip to Hooby Looby for me. Homework done – yay for me. “No, no, no. Mommy, we already learned about tattoos in a different culture earlier this year. I already did that. It won’t do this time!” What? Argh….

OK, I get her logic. She really likes to do things well and with purpose and so do I , so I get it. Really I do.

Then it’s onto the pages of wood art with the weapons made with shark’s teeth. We just watched a special on this on TV and the kids really enjoyed it as much as we did. I’m thinking she can mock something up with her clay. Uh, NO. Wrong thinking there. If she’s going to do it, she wants to make it with real sharks teeth and we don’t have any. No way.

So then it’s on to other statues and such. We see several little statues holding their bellies. Maybe they just ate dinner and are full, and maybe they have indigestion. I don’t know. But Jessica thinks they are cute. You can see what she based her clay statue on here. I think she did great, don’t you?

Yay! Finally we have a winner! I’m thinking. And we already have clay!
WRONG. The only clay (besides playdough) we have must be fired in a kiln and the last clay project she did for class (a really cute buddha guy I’ll have to find the photos for and post here too!) cracked from not being fired and then later broke at school. Yes, I remember – there were lots of tears. (sigh) “And if I try to use playdough, it really will crumble apart. Mommy, we need to go to Hobby Lobby and buy some clay that will air dry.” Argh….! Noooooooo…!

Jessica's creation she calls - Happy Belly

Jessica's creation she calls - Happy Belly

I had her Daddy do it.

Isn’t this just awesome!
I stand in awe of my daughter.

I’m so glad those pottery classes paid off.


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